What We Focus on Grows

What We Focus on Grows
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Living in a fast-paced, uncertain, ever-evolving world can make it very difficult to to stay focused and move in a straight line. Digital distractions make it super easy to lose site of our visions and things to look forward to. But if we command our focus to what we truly want, shift our thoughts towards that outlook, and redirect our energy to choose what we want to see, we can produce the emotions that we want. So instead of living in fear, it is crucial that we command our focus towards what’s great in life. If we do this in the face of challenges, we will produce emotions accordingly. As time passes and the more times we do this, the stronger and more emotionally intelligent we become. If we shift our focus towards happiness, our energy will flow in that direction.

It is important to understand that our minds don’t know the difference between something we actually are experiencing and something that is only in our minds. What we focus on we most definitely feel; therefore, we must be aware of what we choose to give our attention to. We all have the ability to make a choice of what we focus on. Thus, in order for us to fully enhance the quality of our life, and achieve at our peak, we must choose wisely in the way our attention is being focused.

Improve Mental Focus

Improving mental focus takes time and discipline and it does not happen overnight, but the relevant thing about building focus is that it's muscle memory. The more you condition your brain and mind to focus, the stronger they get. Modern day life is packed with consistent distractions right at our fingertips and throughout our environment. The ability to focus and concentrate is crucial for learning and mastering new information, manifesting goals, and optimal performance. It is literally a deal breaker between success and failure. Improving mental focus is certainly achievable if we put the work in.

The first step toward improving mental focus is to assess how strong your attention is right now. This will let you know how much work you will need to put in. The next step is eliminating distractions and anxieties. Put electronics in airplane mode, find a calm environment, think positive thoughts, get enough rest, and make a conscious effort to bring your mind back to focus when you feel it wandering. Perform one task at a time and give all of your attention to it to increase productivity. Be in the present moment and stay engaged with the task at hand. Taking short breaks regularly helps to keep your mental focus sharp and performance high. Lastly, make improving your focus a daily habit; build on it everyday. Put the effort in and be consistent.

Command Your Focus

All of our emotions arise from where our focus is being directed. We have to attempt to live life backwards. In order to achieve great, we have to think great first. We must think great, feel great, act great and achieve great. The only way to make ourselves feel great first is to be intelligent in the way we command our focus. We must learn to enhance our emotional fitness, and that comes from what we choose to focus on. When we continue to focus on what we want, our whole demeanor adapts to our desire. Body language, vocabulary, tone of voice, and even subconscious movements all shift to mold us into the person we need to be.

Shift Your Focus

As soon as we shift our focus towards things we want, our attitude changes instantly, and we begin to feel inspired. When we feel great, we get great results. By shifting our focus towards what we want, our mind is also more inclined to finding it. The things we choose to prioritize, we happen to find everywhere. Sometimes we lose focus, but we are always able to pull ourselves back into the present moment. The mind is constantly thinking and it creates it own distractions and stories. Having self-awareness to refocus our attention is key.

Redirect Your Energy

We have the ability to redirect our mental energy and focus at all times. We also have a choice to redirect what we give our attention to. We first have to become aware of it to start switching our thoughts and mindset until it becomes a habit, a lifestyle, and a complete new state of mind. When we give our mental energy to our dreams, what we love, and what we believe in, we unlock possibilities. Command a new way of thinking, being, and doing and you'll gain a fresh perspective and be more open to new possibilities.

Brain Foods to Boost Focus

What foods we eat directly affect the brain and its ability to focus. There is a direct correlation between gut and brain health. A poor diet can lead to gut and brain inflammation. The immune system and gut keeps inflammation under control. Gut hormones enter the brain and influence cognitive abilities like understanding and processing new information, focusing on the task at hand, and recognizing when we’re full; therefore, which foods we eat directly affects our brain. Not only do brain foods increase focus and promote gut health, but they provide energy, nutrients, and protection from chronic disease. Brain foods are essential for the mind and the soul just like the brain and the gut.

Final Thoughts

Remember, what we focus on grows, and what we focus on we most definitely feel. We all have the ability to make a choice of what we give our attention to. In order for us to achieve personal success and happiness, we must choose wisely in the way our attention is being focused. Improving mental focus is like building muscle, it takes time, patience, and consistency. The more we condition our brains and minds to focus, the stronger and more resilient they become.

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