About NP Fellow

About NP Fellow
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NP Fellow is an independent publication launched in May 2022 by Jessica Drapluk to inspire individuality, promote functional health, and prevent low-grade chronic inflammation; a.k.a, chronic disease. Jessica is a Writer and Family Nurse Practitioner committed to lifelong learning of the Nursing practice and Functional Medicine.

What is an NP Fellow?

An NP Fellow is a nurse practitioner who chooses to attend a post-graduate program to acquire specialized knowledge, training, and skills; a lifelong learning nurse practitioner.

An everyday NP Fellow is a being who chooses to acquire specialized knowledge, training, and skills in their chosen field; an individual who practices lifelong learning.

Where to be an NP Fellow?

It is possible to be an NP Fellow from anywhere. Studying, learning, and reading can be done from anywhere as long as there are wifi, internet, and books to do so.

When to be an NP Fellow?

It is possible to learn at anytime you choose. Develop a habit to read and study daily, whether it's first thing in the morning, some time during the day, or before bed. Carry books and study material with you.

Why be an NP Fellow?

Being a lifelong learner is critical to build success, attain optimal health, increase income, and be a top leader in your chosen field. Lifelong learning allows you to take control of you and be the CEO of your health.

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