Top Benefits of Being A Dog Owner

Top Benefits of Being A Dog Owner
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Dogs are intuitive animals that remind us of our connection to nature. They wake up and go to bed with the sun. Just like us, they experience basic emotions, have dreams, socialize, and show their own expressions. Dogs have an excellent sense of smell. Unlike us, they perceive the world through their nose instead of their eyes. They are able to detect human emotions and sense medical emergencies before they occur. Dogs are in constant communication with humans and thrive from exposure to new challenges, activities, and places.

The benefits of having pets is well-known and experienced throughout the globe. Anywhere and everywhere, pet owners are reaping the benefits of having one. Being a dog owner can help prevent the damaging health effects of loneliness and reduce the risk of death from chronic disease. Owning a dog is very beneficial on an emotional, physical, and mental level. It is a big commitment and takes a lot of responsibility. Before purchasing your own dog, make sure that you are in the right headspace and financial situation to care for one.

Dog Owner Benefits

There are numerous benefits to having your own dog. Dogs give unconditional love, provide protection, reduce loneliness, boost mood, lower blood pressure, increase lifespan and quality of life, and reduce risk of death. Top benefits of being a dog owner include increased longevity, an active lifestyle, better overall mental health, and companionship. An active lifestyle helps ensure that you are getting in the daily recommendation of physical activity and adequate sunlight exposure. Dog owners tend to live longer and have decreased risk of death related to cardiovascular events. Dogs are also very loyal, trusting, and loving towards their owners.

Improves Longevity

A top benefit of owning a dog is that it boosts longevity and quality of life; moreover, owning a dog can save lives. Dog owners who have had suffered a heart attack and live alone, have a 33% lower risk of death. Stroke survivors living alone and own a dog have a 27% lower risk of death. In general, dog owners have a 24% less chance of premature death compared to non-dog owners. Being a dog owner prevents loneliness and chronic disease. Owning a dog boosts lifespan, endurance, and gives a sense of community.

Promotes An Active Lifestyle

Another key benefit of dog ownership is it promotes an active lifestyle. Dog walking increases physical exercise and sunlight exposure, which, helps lower blood pressure, decrease cholesterol levels, and balance hormones. Walking your dog regularly boosts cardiovascular health and helps you get in the daily recommendation of 30 minutes of exercise. Daily movement supports healthy aging, the growth of new brain cells, and optimal mitochondrial function. Dog owners who have had an acute coronary syndrome event or have had an implantable defibrillator placed after a heart attack also have a much lower risk of death. Regularly walking your dog ensures that you stay active and practice consistent exercise.

Boosts Mental Health

In addition to increased longevity and an active lifestyle, owning a dog can lead to overall better mental health. Sometimes, there is no better feeling than knowing your dog is ecstatically waiting for you by the door. Petting your dog releases the love hormone oxytocin and lowers the stress hormone cortisol, which, can instantly boost mood and relieve anxiety. Going for a morning walk with your dog, helps you get sunlight on your skin, regulate your circadian rhythm, and boost vitamin D synthesis. Afternoon strolls with your dog boost energy, reduce brain fog, and prevent depressive symptoms. Staying active, getting outside, and consistently walking your dog leads to boosted mood and cognitive function.

Provides Companionship

The most important top benefit of being a dog owner is the companionship and protection it provides. Owning a dog significantly reduces loneliness in owners who live alone. While you are home, your dog follows you around like a shadow, and while you are out, your dog is there watching and guarding your home. This creates feelings of protection, safety, and trust. Loneliness can be just as damaging to your health as cigarette smoking. It is vital to realize the bond that you can form with your dog and its ability to truly prevent loneliness and create a sense of companionship.

Final Thoughts

Dogs remind us of our connection with nature. Being a dog owner and reaping the benefits is nothing new. In an ever-changing, fast paced, uncertain world, owning a dog provides you with a sense of happiness, stability, and responsibility. Dog owners have increased longevity, a more active lifestyle, better overall mental health, and a sense of companionship that non-dog owners don’t have. Form a trusting, loving bond with your dog and you will always have someone in your corner rooting for you. Dogs provide unconditional love, security, and support. Every time you arrive home after a long day, your dog will be waiting by the door with so much love, happiness, and excitement to see you. Being a dog owner is sincerely a beneficial and life saving experience.

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