Responsive Endurance Training: An Individualized Approach

Responsive Endurance Training: An Individualized Approach

It is very easy to get lost in comparing yourself to other people or wanting to be able to keep up with everyone else when it comes to working out. This mentality can be very detrimental, as it does not allow you to listen to your body’s needs and limits, and can lead to injury. “No pain, no gain” is not necessarily true. It is important to be aware of your body and make a commitment to observe it and listen to it.

RET is a way to take an individualized approach towards exercise and training. It means taking an intuitive, holistic, self-study approach to your training, racing, and life. It is crucial that you know your body and yourself. RET does not follow a magic formula or one-size-fits-all plan for building athleticism. It incorporates our studying, habits, self-talk, environment, social interactions, nutrition, rest and stress. Athletic performance is a reflection of the mind, body, and soul; it is unique to each person.

While starting a new workout plan, it is important to stay motivated within your own experience, listen to your body, and realize that it is only you vs. you. RET helps each person develop their own behaviors they will need so they can engage in their favorites activities for life.  A lifetime of athleticism is most definitely possible when we learn to observe what is going on in our bodies and how to adapt to what we notice.

Get to know yourself and your limits. Do some form of movement that increases your heart rate and gets your blood flowing. Allocate a time that you can workout each day. Be mindful about how you spend your free time and focus on the mind-body connection.  Keep track of your workouts, practices, and feelings, and take take the time to notice any progress you have made. Write it down and get moving.

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