Break Free From Being A Creature of Habit: Redefining Human Nature 2.0

Break Free From Being A Creature of Habit: Redefining Human Nature 2.0
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Humans Are Creatures of Habit

Humans are often considered creatures of habit. We tend to develop routines and patterns of behavior that we repeat regularly. These habits can be influenced by various factors, including our upbringing, environment, and psychological predispositions.

Habits can provide us a sense of structure, predictability, and security, reducing the amount of decision-making and energy required to navigate through daily life. While habits can be beneficial, they can also be limiting if they become too rigid or are unhealthy.

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Defining A Creature of Habit

A "creature of habit" is a phrase used to describe a person who follows a routine or prefers familiar surroundings and actions. It indicates someone who is very much accustomed to a specific set of behaviors or practices and feels most comfortable when maintaining those routines. This term is often used to suggest that the individual is resistant to change and prefers predictability in their daily life.

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Disrupt The Average Everyday Routine

Breaking the cycle of being a creature of habit involves first having self-awareness and identifying and changing existing patterns. Recognize the patterns and routines in your life and evaluate whether they serve your current health and wellbeing, goals, and aspirations.

Challenge yourself regularly by stepping outside your comfort zone, trying new activities, or changing up your daily routine. Surrounding yourself with diverse groups of people can expose you to different perspectives and push you to think differently. Set small, achievable goals that break your habitual patterns and celebrate each milestone, no matter how minor.

Remember that every journey starts with a single step, and over time, day after day, week after week, these incremental changes compound and disrupt the normal routine and open up a world of new possibilities.

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Redefining Human Nature 2.0

The average human being gets a formal education, sustains a career, starts a family, pays bills, goes on vacation couple times of year, and claims to be happy. It is human nature to enjoy being comfortable, staying safe, and accepted by others. The societal matrix thrives off of us being tired, broke, complacent, unmotivated, overweight, and living paycheck to paycheck.

It is our absolute personal responsibility to defy human nature and step up to the next level to break free from being an average human inside the matrix. We must take full control of our health and wealth and develop a bulletproof mindset and life philosophy that guides our mission.

It's the 5% of people who will do what the other 95% of people, won't do to break free from the average cycle to live a truly fulfilled life. In order to live freely and rich, we must be a part of a mission or purpose bigger than ourselves and working towards it every single day through self-education and consistent action.

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Have A "Why" Bigger Than Yourself To Break Free

Having a "why" bigger than yourself means being driven by a purpose that extends beyond your personal needs and desires. It's about being motivated by a cause or set of values that have a broader impact on others, the community, or the world.

This kind of purpose often leads to increased resilience, determination, and fulfillment because you're working towards something that contributes to the greater good of the masses.

Whether it's through your own purpose and vision, contributing to a larger mission at your job, community service, or supporting others, this external focus can provide a strong sense of meaning and direction to help break free from the shackles of normal society.

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Make A Commitment to Yourself

The best way to break free from your normal patterns depends on mindfulness and a commitment to change. Begin by auditing your daily patterns and routines and identifying areas where repetition dominates. It's essential to understand why these habits exist and what benefits, if any, they offer.

Once identified, introduce variability. Instead of the usual morning walk, try yoga or strength training, or a group fitness class. Travel different routes to work, or rearrange your workspace. Cultivate a mindset of continuous learning: take online courses, read diverse genres, or learn a new skill or hobby. Always be in the process of self-education.

Setting periodic challenges, such as a monthly goal to try something unfamiliar, can also disrupt habitual patterns. Perhaps most importantly, surround yourself with individuals who inspire growth and change. Over time, these proactive efforts will shift the balance from being predominantly habit-driven to leading a life enriched by diverse, prosperous experiences.

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